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This is the official wiki page for Mr. Baker's first block World History I class.

What is this?Edit

This wiki is an important part of your World History I experience. In this wiki we will create pages dedicated to topics important throughout the course of the semester. Sometimes you will be asked to write a summary about the topic and other times you will be asked to write a few paragraphs about a specific part of the topic. This is a collaborative work space where we will interact with one another to completely fill out this wiki with information about the course. Always remember to sign any information or edits you make to the wiki with your name and the date. It is also important to always provide the sources you used to collect information to any entry you include in this wiki.

Don't forget this can be a valuable source when it comes to studying for quizs and exams as well.

- Mr. Baker (3/20/17)


The Roman Empire


The Anglo-Saxons

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Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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World War II Presentations - 3/29

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